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Paul and Bonnie Schmidt have owned PBS Contracting, Inc. since it was formed in January, 1999.

It is not so surprising to find them in this business. Both come from a long lineage of entrepreneurs. Paul and Bonnie both had parents that ran their own businesses. From an early age they learned the value and importance of honest hard work.

Paul’s father, a minister, and mother, the church office manager, grounded Paul in both faith, hard work and his basis for integrity. Paul’s father also is a skilled carpenter, and was quick to include his boys in projects to teach them the trade. This mentoring led to the formation of Max Contracting, Inc., a general contracting firm in Richmond, Virginia which employed Paul and his two brothers.

Bonnie comes from a legacy of building contractors. Her grandfather was a builder in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This inspired his sons to go into the business when they were old enough to swing a hammer.  Bonnie's father owned a land development and home building company.  Bonnie’s mother, an interior decorator and artist, too, ran her own business. You can see where both Paul and Bonnie find their drive and business sense – it is in their blood.

Paul and Bonnie consider their employees as an extension of their own family.  They are fortunate to have known and worked with many of their employees before the inception of this company.  Their employees have proven to be committed, dedicated members of PBS Contracting. 

Paul and Bonnie have also been fortunate to have a long standing relationship with many of their clients as well.  They have seen George Mason University and Northern Virginia Community College grow into the dynamic institutions they are today. They have had the privilege of working closely with these institutions and partnering with them in many, many projects over the years.  They have developed a relationship based on trust and respect that has been a value to them both. 

To continue the long lineage of family interest in the building trade, their son, Matt, graduated from Virginia Tech with a BS in Building Construction and has joined the PBS team. Son, David, graduated with a degree in Architecture (Urban Planning and Design) from the University of Virginia, and works on staff for Habitat For Humanity in Charlottesville.